I like flexing my arms at the gym – 3x a week. That is more than enough time to burn the weight and hit the right weight level. Now most of my friends go for overkill. They would go to Gold’s gym six times a week and run the treadmill almost 3 hours straight. This is absurd. Rather than burning weight off, the pounds refuse to come off and your efforts to look ripped simply plateau.

Wait. Did you hear right? More exercise does not mean more weight loss?

You got that that right. With proper diet, you also need the proper exercise regimen. The ultimate weightloss formula demands requires a balance.

Here is why you lose less weight by exercising more:

1. First of all, muscles need rest periods to grow. When you exercise too much (more than an hour, for instance), your body starts consuming protein (your muscles) to survive. The loss of muscles mean the loss of metabolism. Why? Muscles burn more calories than fat do. The loss of muscle mass lowers your metabolic rate.

2. Second your body’s abrupt exercise increase forces your physiology to go on starvation mode. Since you’re working out too much, your brain thinks that it must start saving calories. Hence it starts channeling some of that food into fat.

Did that make sense? Consult with any doctor and they’ll tell you the same thing. Too much is never a good thing. Go for moderation.

What then constitutes the ultimate workout regimen for the ultimate diet formula? It is all common sense. I’ve outlined my preferred work out diet regimen below:

1. Work out first thing in the morning. Take a glass of protein shake or chicken breast prior to the workout so you don’t cannibalize your own muscles. Working out first thing is called Fasted Workout. It has the benefit of jump starting your metabolism 12 hours straight and destroying lipids around your waist.
2. Start with weightlifting first. Weightlifting burns more fat than carbs so this must be your priority. Spend 20minutes doing weight lifting. By the 20th minute, you’ve consumed your surplus fatty acids.
3. Proceed with 40 minutes of aerobic exercise like running, dancing or spinning. You’ll rapidly burn up the rest of the fat then proceed to ignite the carbs.
4. Drink water through out the day. Water flushes out the fat.
5. If you need an energy boost, skip the Red Bull. That junk and all energy drinks contain too much sugar. Sugar converts to fat when not burnt. Instead, take black coffee diluted with some water. Add a spoonful of virgin coconut oil. Not only does it taste good, VCO’s medium chain fatty acids and lauric acids inhibit fat storage.
6. Eat six small snacks all day. Stick to high protein, low carbs. If you starve yourself amidst heavy activity, your body goes into starvation mode. That’s the last thing you want to happen. Keep nourished to maintain an anabolic state, otherwise you lapse into catabolism. In the latter case, you lose muscle and stunt your weight loss progress.

Are you ready to implement the ultimate workout formula with your diet. Now get out there and burn up the gym!

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