South beach diet is a diet formula designed by Arthur Agatston and dietician Marie Almon. It’s all about good fat vs bad fat and good carbs vs bad carbs. The purpose of this formula is to prevent heart disease. South Beach Diet is a creation of medical doctors, restricts carbohydrates. Good carbs are allowed in this diet. South Beach Diet is all about saying goodbye to potatoes, fruits, bread, cereal, rice, pasta, beets, carrots, and corn for two weeks. After two weeks, some of these foods remain strongly discouraged. South Beach Diet bans unhealthy fats, and promotes the healthy ones. It doesn’t count grams of carbs, rather encourages dieters to go fo low-sugar carbs, or those with a low glycemic index.

South Beach on the Plate

    You’ll never experience hunger on South Beach Dsouth beach diet foodsiet, it promotes strategic snacking. There’s no counting of calories or strict portion sizes. But there’s no gorging, either. The idea is to eat normal portions which will be seems smaller at first but in all honesty, those are enough to satisfy hunger. Sugar-rich carbs are not allowed in this diet like those foods written above. Alcohol is strictly not allowed in the early phase of the diet and limited in the long-term diet. Raspberry diet fruit is a strongly recommended fat destroyer. You may want to consider it

All the way to South Beach Diet Foods Menu

14th days induction phase bands rice, bread, potatoes, pasta, baked goods, and fruits. You can’t drink (even a drop) of wine, beer, or anything that has an alcohol. As for dairy products, two servings of low-fat-milk, yogurts, or buttermilk are allowed during this period or phase.

The second phase is called “reintroduce the carbs” stage gradually adds back some banned foods during the first phase. Not all of those, but if you’re a fries addict then you could have some. Carrots use to be on the foods to avoid at the first phase, but you’ll have them at the beginning of the second phase. Tomatoes and onions are limited during the first phase but will absolutely be fine in any phase. Fruits will also come back. This will last up until you hit the target.


The finale of this diet is called your diet for life. You can eat normal foods in normal portion following a few basic guidelines. South Beach Diet is for those people who loves carbs and wanted to let go of this love. Those first two weeks are meant to help people in minimizing the love for carbs. The South Beach Diet promises to make you want to eat less but better foods. South Beach Diet promises nothing but being healthy and fit, it’s all about snacking, if you’re not doing this then you’re not on a South Beach Diet.


South Beach Diet won’t leave you in a midpoint; it recommends healthy eating and a healthy lifestyle. The reason you go for diet may be to look better there’s nothing wrong with that. But the reason to become healthy is to have a strong heart, strong lungs, and healthy bones, nothing wrong with those either. Whatever it is reason/s you have in mind doesn’t matter you can use South Beach Diet as your formula in moving forward.

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